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Catherine Guerrero, DMD

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Catherine Guerrero, DMD and her team at Dr. Cat & the Tooth Pediatric Dentistry want to make it easy for special needs patients to find the right dental care. They know that making the patient feel calm and comfortable might take some extra work and they’re more than willing to go the extra mile. If your son or daughter with special needs requires dental care, don’t hesitate to call their office in Woodland Hills, California, or book your appointment online.

Special Needs Dentistry Q & A

What is a special needs dentist?

At the end of the day, the difference between your son or daughter dreading dental appointments and enjoying a pleasant trip to a fun location comes down to finding the right dentist. Dr. Cat strives to be a warm, kind presence for every patient she sees, but that’s especially true for her patients with special needs. She has experience helping patients with a range of mental and physical disabilities, including down syndrome, autism, and mobility limitations.

Dr. Cat also works with her team on proper training. Each member of her staff is experienced in special needs dentistry so your child will feel welcome and comfortable from the second he or she walks through the door.

What does special needs dentistry include?

Your child shouldn’t suffer from lackluster or partial dental care. Dr. Cat & the Tooth Pediatric Dentistry offers their full range of dental services to their patients with special needs. Whether your child needs a basic tooth clean, a cavity filled, a root canal, or orthodontics, Dr. Cat can deliver.

Because she has such a full range of pediatric dental and orthodontic services, you don’t have to worry about bringing your child to another dental care provider who hasn’t established the same rapport. Dr. Cat can be your one-stop shop for the vast majority of your son or daughter’s dental care needs.

How do I find a dentist for my child with special needs?

Most pediatric dentists went into the profession because they want children to feel comfortable at the dentist. That’s certainly true of Dr. Cat, who became a dentist after having a bad dental experience with her son. Because of that level of care, many pediatric dentists will work to help your child with special needs relax during dental treatment.

That said, going to a dentist who already has experience working with children with special needs can make the process much easier on your child, and on you. Dr. Cat and her team have years of experience with special needs dentistry and are committed to delivering the best dental care to their patients with special needs, while helping them feel calm and comfortable.

If you’d like to learn more about special needs dentistry or want to set up an appointment for your son or daughter, call Dr. Cat & the Tooth Pediatric Dentistry or schedule your visit online.