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No matter your age, you know that confidence matters. You want to walk into a room feeling like your best self, and that’s especially important when you’re young. Learning to make friends and navigate social situations is never easy, but it’s especially challenging when you feel insecure. That’s why Catherine Guerrero, DMD, and her team at Dr. Cat & the Tooth Pediatric Dentistry offer orthodontics. They believe every child deserves a beautiful smile! To learn more about their orthodontic services, call their Woodland Hills, California, office or book your appointment online.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic care is designed to correct any problems with your smile, revealing straight, aligned teeth. It realigns the bite and respaces teeth so that everything works just as it should, making it easier to talk, eat, and smile with confidence.

Orthodontics can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, including:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • An uncentered midline
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Tooth overcrowding

To deliver orthodontic treatment, Dr. Cat uses orthodontic appliances (like braces) to gradually realign your child’s teeth, shifting them to the right position in their mouth.

How does orthodontic treatment work?

Orthodontic treatment uses appliances in your child’s mouth to reposition the teeth to their proper places. Through constant, gentle pressure, orthodontics can shift teeth while minimizing any discomfort in your child’s mouth.

Most commonly, this means metal braces. With metal braces, brackets are bonded to the teeth. A wire is attached to those brackets to create an aligned, perfectly spaced smile. But metal braces are far from your only option. Dr. Cat also offers ceramic and plastic orthodontics that come in clear and color-matching options. This means that the orthodontic treatment becomes much less noticeable, minimizing any potential embarrassment your child may have felt.

Whichever orthodontics option you choose, Dr. Cat will ensure she leverages the latest dental technology. This moves the teeth more quickly and more comfortably so your child can get a beautiful smile — and a confidence boost — as soon as possible.

What should I expect with orthodontics?

First, your child should know that orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to be scary! Dr. Cat will talk with your son or daughter so he or she understands and feels comfortable with every step of the process. She’ll also let both of you know what to expect throughout the orthodontic treatment, including the timeline. The length of treatment will depend on your child’s unique mouth, but she will make sure you’re informed about what to expect during every step of the journey.

Don’t let your child go through life feeling insecure about his or her smile. Dr. Cat & the Tooth Pediatric Dentistry offers orthodontics to correct any issues and deliver a smile worth beaming. To learn more, call their office or schedule your appointment online today.